Luxury Lease Partners LLC, specializing in cars such as Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Rolls Royce, is a privately owned, self-funded lessor. LLP's considerable private capital gives it “Big Bank” muscle but allows small company “out of the box” thinking and flexibility. LLP doesn't follow conventional lenders credit guidelines such as scores, debt to income ratios or “comparable borrowing” rules. LLP focuses on your ability to make the required down payment and monthly payments. LLP works with over 100 dealers from coast to coast, approving borrowers for whom dealers previously had no solution. LLP will even lease to a foreign national with no social security number if he or she owns a business or property in the US. If you would like to lease the car through your business, LLP can handle that as well. LLP also assists international students who are looking to lease a vehicle.




Date Founded





Douglas Goodman,


Began working
with Arcadia


June 2017


20 Mall Road, Suite 420 

Burlington, MA 01803

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