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Aion is the all-in-one platform for businesses to manage their finances and grow. Its mission is to eliminate the hassle of manual administrative financial chores, reduce the high cost of financing, and remove needlessly complex financial systems to run your company. Aion believes that owners should focus on what they love to do — build and grow their business — and that data driven, AI-powered software should handle the rest.


Why Arcadia?

"Arcadia’s experience and expertise is invaluable for Aion. Their insights in small business lending and guidance is enabling Aion to create innovative business lending solutions. We’re excited to have an investor, coach and partner like Arcadia who believes in using technology and data to provide credit to small business owners and power our economy!"  

date founded




Satish Palvai,



Elycia Edelman,


Jim Shehigian

Sales & Credit


Rashmi Jyotiprakash,

Customer Success

Deepesh Sunku

Engineering & Technology


Ajay Krishnan, 


with arcadia since

August 2018

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