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Every business should have an equal opportunity and an unstoppable path to success. BlueTape is here to ensure the road to success is paved for small and medium-sized businesses. BlueTape is a payment and financing solution for construction professionals: building material dealers, distributors, manufacturers, builders, contractors, and architects, to name a few. 


Our goal is to improve customers' experience, help cut operation costs, and enable businesses to run more efficiently, all with an easy-to-use and innovative solution.

why arcadia?

Arcadia has been a great partner for us because they believe in our mission and agree that the opportunity for both companies is enormous. The BlueTape team has also enjoyed working with all of the members the Arcadia team.

date founded




Yaser Masoudnia

Co-Founder & CEO


Patrick Gannon

Co-founder and COO

with arcadia since

August 2022

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