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Cooper, 11, is a long-time industry veteran, widely known in financial circles as a keen observer of human emotion. Leveraging this skill has allowed him to underwrite a carefully curated loan portfolio that boasts an enviable 0% default rate. Unfortunately, in spite of his stellar track record, his family laments that he does not “bring home the bacon” – rather, he eats it immediately.


A member of the firm’s investment committee, it is fair to say that no major decision at Arcadia has ever been reached without Cooper present in the room.  At all meetings he enforces a strict allocation policy on meeting edibles (“That biscuit is MINE!”).


Prior to his career in finance, Cooper was active in the theater arts, often performing with rap stars, aging rockers, and circus acrobats. 

In Cooper’s college days he was named captain of the school’s blackjack team — his agility at the card table never being hampered by his lack of opposable thumbs.


Cooper’s hobbies include bunny (rabbit) hunting, skeet shooting, napping and miniature golf (he prefers a yellow ball).

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