Date Founded


Summer 2015



Nicholas Williams, Founder

Adriel Gonzalez, Founder/COO

Began working
with Arcadia


May 2018

— Nicholas Williams, Founder

Sally is the most trusted vehicle and service provider in the transportation industry. Sally provides vehicles on a flexible basis to professional rideshare drivers looking for best-in-class support and service.

The rapid growth in the on-demand economy has accelerated the movement towards data-driven transportation. In the same way that ridesharing platforms use data to help passengers efficiently get from point A to point B, Sally uses data to inform vehicle usage.

Sally leverages data from its vehicles, drivers, public APIs to inform its business decisions. This approach enables Sally to incentivize driver safety, reduce insurance costs, and maximize the value of its assets.

Why Arcadia?  

"Institutional understanding of next generation loan products and financing vehicles.

Referred by one of our best-in-class investors."