— Satish Palvai, CEO





Date Founded





Satish Palvai, CEO

Erich Heston,
Finance & Compliance

Rashmi Ivotiprakash,
Partnerships & Operations Support

Deepesh Sunku, 
Product & Technology

Began working
with Arcadia


August 2018


Fundpnb provides affordable short-term funds to small business owners.


Fundpnb’s mobile app is an intelligent cash flow assistant to small business owners. Using data science, AI/ML and conversation as the interface, Fundpnb provides short-term capital and cash flow tools for businesses to grow. 

Why Arcadia?

Arcadia’s experience and expertise is invaluable for Fundpnb. Their insights in small business lending and guidance is enabling Fundpnb to create innovative business lending solutions.


We’re excited to have an investor, coach and partner like Arcadia who believes in using technology and data to provide credit to small business owners and power our economy!"