After graduating from Southern Methodist University, where he earned a BA in Finance from the Cox School of Business with an emphasis on international business and global marketing, Mason joined the Arcadia team at the beginning of 2019. Since coming on board, he has rapidly accrued significant experience leading multi-faceted analytical field exercises focused on prospective management teams who are in need of Arcadia’s expertise and flexibility in specialty finance. His work requires him to build  three dimensional financial, legal and strategy models of prospective partners where detailed data-driven analyses support valuations for fast growing and financially innovative companies.


Mason manages a growing stream of deals across industries and in various stages of progress, leading our weekly pipeline investment meeting where status changes, legal and contractual issues and developments in negotiations are presented to the portfolio team. Mason has quickly earned the trust and confidence of the senior investment staff at Arcadia such that he is  often the tip of the spear in leading selected deals from initial background calls and concept pitches, through extended diligence, and culminating in reviewing pertinent legal hurdles and contract negotiations. In short, Mason is Arcadia’s “man for all seasons” and has demonstrated particular finesse in shepherding transactions in automotive finance, Latin American trade financing, Nigerian oil financing and electric vehicle leasing.