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Ori is a Senior Software Engineer at Arcadia funds and the most recent addition to our experienced engineering team. His notably strong background in creating and maintaining the software necessary to make fruitful use of very large data sets allows him to immediately begin strengthening the reporting and analytics platform that helps Arcadia make sense of the enormous pools of data that inform our initial and ongoing investment decisions.  Though Ori specializes in web application development and cloud computing, he is a polyglot fluent in many programming languages, affording him a better understanding of the full stack of a platform and contributing to it. He has nearly a decade of experience in the software industry ranging from individual contributor as a full stack engineer to leading a team of software engineers for ZoomInfo’s Engage platform, an automated Sales Engagement tool.   

Ori was first hired - during his last semester of college at Wentworth Institute of Technology, as a software engineer for Symbotic, a robotics warehouse automation company. Immediately upon graduating with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, Ori began focusing on gaining expertise in Microsoft’s .NET framework and Angular for building web applications. His abiding passion is working in the big data field and focusing on building state-of-the-art analytical pipelines driven by numerous different sources. Ori has changed his focus to working with open-source languages and frameworks and no longer limits himself to a specific technology stack or framework.   

Ori moved to the United States in 2001 from Tirana, Albania. He spent most of his young life as a resident of Quincy, Massachusetts and when not helping Arcadia efficiently organize and analyze data he enjoys hiking in New Hampshire, doing HIIT workouts, and traveling to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to soak up the sun. He and his wife currently reside in Ayer, Massachusetts.   


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