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Arcadia Funds, LLC is a registered investment manager focused exclusively on identifying, partnering with and providing balance sheet capital to specialty finance originators (“Loan Factories”). 

Since inception in 2012, Arcadia-advised entities have purchased over

$3.5 billion of unsecured consumer loans, secured and unsecured small business loans and secured specialized auto loans.


Arcadia represents the collective beliefs, visions, and ideas of a group of intelligent, experienced and ethical individuals who are committed to creating wealth through technological innovation. 

This is different than simply courting risk or chasing volatility during temporary market disruptions. Rather, it is a clear-eyed analysis of the disintermediation that is taking place in the financial services industry, with the ultimate goal of using this analysis to drive an investment approach that actually de-risks the world of specialized platform lending — including consumer, small business, micro debt, specialty finance, and an array of other unique financing situations. It is in this arena that Arcadia has staked its claim and where it is making its name.

While the embrace of technology-based solutions for investors can be applied to various other sectors, Arcadia’s developed expertise and creative edge resides in the world of thoughtfully developed financial partnerships.


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